Dermatologist diagnose skin cancer, but they can also help identify skin problems

The skin is our body’s largest organ. It protects us from outside elements and has a lot of complex functions in between, like temperature regulation or blood cell production for example! But when something goes wrong with it – whether its blemishes that form due to excess oiliness (especially around the T-zone) or pigmentation disorders such as vitiligo which results after loss/ abnormal growths on cells related to pigment-producing structures; wrinkles can occur because collagen degenerates over time leading into their formation–you’ll know all about these conditions avoid regular check-ups with a dermatologist.

Early detection is important for your health and potentially life-saving

It’s important to remember you only get one shot at life. As we age it’s natural to slow down and spend more time enjoying life than worrying about work or meeting deadlines. However, there is one aspect of your health you should never ignore – your skin. There are several reasons why seeing a dermatologist on a regular basis is vital if you want to live a long, happy, healthy life.

You only have one skin so protect it. The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates 76 of Americans will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime with numbers growing each year. To address the concern you should protect your skin by scheduling an appointment with dermatologist every year for a full body checkup to catch any problems early on before they spread. Early detection can be the difference between living and dying.

It’s one of the easiest things you can do to keep yourself healthy: schedule an appointment today.

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