Cosmetic Dermatology for Men

Aging affects men and women differently, and our male patients’ goals are often quite different. The most common signs of aging we see in men are deep forehead creases, fine lines caused by UV exposure, drooping in the mid-face, and the development of jowls around the jawline.

For men considering improving their appearance, it is important to work with an experienced injector who understands the unique needs of male patients. Dr. Casse has advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and experience collaborating with male patients to achieve dramatic results while retaining a masculine appearance.

Male trichopigmentation service. Young man laying on the back on the esthetician table. Master hands in a black gloves holding the permanent makeup machine with the needle and touching mans hair.

Biological Hair Rejuvenation and Restoration

Your hair is a statement of your individuality and losing it can be devastating to your self-esteem. Not only is it functional, helping to insulate and protect you, but it also sends visible social and sexual cues about you that are interpreted by others according to societal norms and fashion trends. Today, about fifty-four million men and thirty-two million women in the U.S. have some degree of hair loss. There are multiple non-surgical restoration treatments available to help rejuvenate your hair and get your life back!

“Brotox” and Filler for Men

Brotox, a play on words for Botox for men, remains the number one requested cosmetic procedure by men. In an era of social media and Zoom conferences, men want to look their best just as much as women do. We want to help you. There are more benefits than softening fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can give the benefit of reducing excess sweating, decreasing oil production helping with acne, and giving you the confidence and self-esteem in your next meeting, date, or IG experience. It’s quick, with no downtime, and everyone will wonder why you look so good.

Skin Revitalization and Resurfacing

Middle-aged man applying cosmetic on his face, mirror view

Excel V+ Laser

Noticing the brown spots in the mirror? Have you ever thought you had a rash on the sides of your neck because it’s red and discolored? Yep, you’re aging…but why look like it? The brown spots (lentigos/dyschromia) and the red rash (poikiloderma) are because of all the fun you’ve spent in the sun.

Now you can do something about it. Our award-winning laser, Excel V+, is an easy, nonpainful laser to take care of your needs with little to no downtime.

Laser Genesis

A quick, no downtime, red carpet dewy skin procedure. You can decrease pore size, fine lines, and get a quick, dewy look without pain or discomfort. The procedure feels like you are at the beach!

Handsome man applying facial cream in front of mirror
man looking in mirror after receiving micro needling in Reno Tahoe

Secret RF Micro-Needling

Feeling aged out? Tired of acne scars? Feel like your skin is not as tight as it used to be? The Secret RF micro-needling system delivers tailored energy to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and scars from the inside out. Look your best without the downtime, pain, and required skincare that a lot of other resurfacing devices make you go through.

Men’s Skincare


Beard Acne/Beard Rash?

Many men suffer from acne in their beard area. Some even avoid shaving because it irritates their acne further. Unfortunately, avoiding shaving can make the problem worse and cause more pain and acne. Save yourself the discomfort and try our shaving and skincare tips.

Try to only shave after you shower. Warm water is helpful because:

  • Warm water makes your facial hair stand up, making it easier to shave.
  • Warm water helps the tips of the hairs from being sharp.
  • Warm water relaxes and loosens the skin, helping to prevent a razor rash.
  • Warm water opens and cleans the pores (clogged pores result in acne and ingrown facial hair).

Additionally, try these tips to make the process even smoother for your skin:

  • Gently rub an exfoliating wash in a circular motion on your face/neck/beard area before you step out to shave.
  • Clean your razor with rubbing alcohol before and after shaving to help remove hair and bacteria.
  • Shave with the grain of the hair (meaning with the way the hair comes out of the skin). The grain changes from face to neck, so pay attention.

By making these simple changes, you’ll notice a major difference in the health of your skin!

full lineup of mens skincare products available from Reno Tahoe Dermatology

Skincare Products for Men

We care about your skin care as much as you do. We understand men’s skin goes through a little more than woman’s skin and want to help you.

We carry products to rejuvenate and protect your skin, without feeling feminine. Visit our office to find out what we offer!

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

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